I am a joke of a blogger...

But here is some pictures of my precious babes... :)


 My precious neice Eden(her and Cora are 10 days apart) and my very soon to be sister-in-law, Sarah :)
One of my best friends from high school, Lauren, got married Easter weekend in Wimberley. Chloe was the flower girl- she was adorable!! it was a beautiful, beautiful wedding....
                                                                 Me and the bride!

Cora Rose

OK I'm a month late on introducing our sweet girl, but we've been a little busy!!

Cora Rose Kaufmann
August 8, 2009
5lbs 9oz - 17 1/2 inches

Cora came into the world 4 weeks and 5 days short of her due date. They tried to stop my labor but she was ready to make her debut! She did have some trouble breathing and she ended up staying in the NICU for a week. It was not the least bit fun. I do not know how parents endure it for months. God gave me minute by minute strength to get through it and I bawled my eyes out everytime I left the hospital..She was also face presentation when she came out, so her face was incredibly bruised for the first two weeks. Oh poor baby. It was sad looking!! She was born the day before the one year anniversary of my dad passing away. So, her birth was really a HUGE blessing to a REALLY hard weekend..Since she has been home, she has been growing like crazy. I'm not sure of her exact weight but she is definitely over 7lbs. So far, she is a pretty easy baby like Chloe was. Praise the LORD for that when it's your third child. She still wakes up quite a bit at night but when she is done eating she goes right back to sleep =)
Cade and Chloe love her to pieces and have been nothing but sweet to her..They actually argue about who gets to hold her first. But who am I kidding? They argue about everything..haha..
You should've seen their faces when we loaded her in the car to finally leave the hospital! PURE JOY was the look on their faces!! Poor Cade would cry when we left her and say, "NO, we have to take baby Cora home!" (break my heart...)
We feel ridiculously blessed by our gracious God to have three beautiful children and are so happy to share the news of her birth with you all!

Happy Birthday Chloe girl!!

I am a horrible blogger. Period.

BUT, a post is well deserved to say Happy 2nd Birthday to our precious Chloe!
I can't believe it has been 2 years! I remember feeling like Cade was so big on his second birthday, but I feel like Chloe is still my "baby"!!
Chloe has the sweetest little disposition and we pray her heart stays that way. She is quick to share with her brother (most of the time) and is always worried when someone is hurt or upset.
She is crazy smart. Most days I think she is the same age as Cade because she talks so well! She will say things and me and Cody are like...WHAT????
We are amazed by her everyday!
She is excited for her baby sister to be born and keeps asking, "When is baby Cora gonna come out and play with me?" It must seem like forever to wait for her and Cade! Just a few more weeks!
She loves to play with her baby dolls and take care of them and rock them. I know she is going to be a great big sister!
Chloe Adrienne, we love you more than words can say and are so thankful for your life and that God chose us to be your mommy and daddy! We pray God's good and pleasing and perfect will for your life baby girl!

Oh me Oh my....

I am a horrible blogger. Life has been craziness the past couple of months!
FIRST...we wanted to announce that baby #3 is on its way!!
I will be 8 weeks tomorrow and I am due early September. I am definitely the least sick with this pregnancy, although the fatigue is 10 times worse chasing around Cade and Chloe. But it's ok! I am thankful and grateful for the privilege to be a mommy again!
I actually had a miscarriage very early on at the beginning of December, which was tough. So, it is all the more sweeter! Praise God for the precious gift of life!

Second, I have not posted ANY pics of Christmas or our holidays. I'm pathetic.
Christmas was wonderful and busy. Cade and Chloe both had a BLAST and loved every minute of it. Cade was really into opening presents this year and "helped" Chloe open all of hers!
Here are a few pics....


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The first Thanksgiving...

We hosted our first Thanksgiving this week. We had my mom's family over...all 22 of us!
It was lovely and I was surprisingly un-stressed..Maybe it had to do with the fact that Cody took the kids to his mom's family's Thanksgiving all day and I had the house to myself to get everything ready...haha..
Everyone pitched in and we had a great time and stayed up late and played games, ate a LOT of food, watched football, drank yummy apple cider, and made our game plan for Friday shopping(yes. I am crazy.)

me and my momma

me and cody

me and adrienne

the cutie pies!!

more pics.

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Before they had food all over their faces...
Uncle Aaron chillin in the playroom

my Aunt Kay!

Cade having too much fun!

She did it!!

Well, Chloe made it through her tube surgery today...
She did great! She was pretty oblivious as to what was happening and I think that makes it a lot easier. She had fun playing with the other babies in the waiting area and she was pretty friendly with the doctors..she doesn't get quite as upset as Cade does...haha..
She just fussed for a minute when she woke up and she was pretty hungry, to say the least...but other than that it was a fairly calm morning..(Besides me being a bucket of nerves...)
Even though it is an extremely common surgery, I still get myself all worked up. 
Thank you Jesus for giving me peace and for keeping our little girl safe and giving us a great doctor to help heal her little ears! All the praise to You!!

Here is the one "okay" picture we got of Cade on Halloween. We could NOT get him to be still and we don't have a camera that works well. This is taken from Cody's phone...

And here is one of them in Rockdale a couple of weeks ago. I love this picture. They are precious.


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